Is a necessary step to comfort, safety and attractive décor with multipurpose applications.

  • Apartments, residential,homes, hallways and washroom.
  • Balconies, kitchens and multi-purpose rooms.
  • Commercial plazas, office buildings, shopping malls, department stores and bank.
  • Building enterances, elevators, high dust and dirt areas.
  • Swimming pools, changing rooms and other high moisture areas.
  • Automobile interiors



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Products Range:

  • Cushion Mat
  • Heavy Duty Mat
  • Sweet Mat
  • Car Mat
  • Dia Mat
  • Grid Mat
  • Design Mat
  • A Mat
  • Needle Rib
  • Chevron
  • Absorba
  • Gate Keeper
  • Imperial Twist
  • Wonder Pro
  • Two ‘N’ One
  • Natural Fibre
  • Tuff Spun
  • Deek Plate
  • SafeWalk Ligth
  • Clean Grip
  • Chair Mat
  • Clear Carpet Runner
  • Slip Resistant Vinyl Runner
  • Corrugated Rubber And Switchboard